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incorporation of domestic companies in all 50 states

ICA on a day-to-day basis deals with the speedy incorporation, often on a same day basis of companies in all 50 states in the United States.

There are three main types of corporations that can be formed under state law in the United States.


This type of corporation is often well suited to the individual who wants to start a company alone or with a small group of people, most of who will participate in management, as well as stock ownership. Although the laws governing Close Corporations vary from state to state, stockholders under a Close Corporation can work effectively like a partnership, without many of the formalities that are required of General Corporations.


This type of corporation is designed for the businessperson entering into a corporate venture with plans to have more than 30 stockholders or have large public stock offering.


After the Tax Reform Act of 1986, the S Corporation became a highly desirable entity for tax purposes. Essentially, the S Corporation treats income as though the owners are "Partners". Corporate losses are also passed through the corporation to its shareholders.

The State of Delaware has been the most widely used state for incorporation of "Fortune 500" and owner-managed businesses because its corporate laws are highly advanced and well tested.

ICA incorporates Limited Liability Companies in all fifty United States jurisdictions with the provision of full corporate services. Ready-made "shelf" LLCs are available in Delaware. The establishment of Limited Liability Partnerships is also available.

ICA believes the Limited Liability Company offers businessperson a clear and in many instances a superior alternative to corporations and partnerships by combining the corporate advantage of limited personal liability and the taxation advantage of all forms of partnership. It could ultimately replace the general partnership, the limited partnership, joint ventures, and the "S" Corporation. Also, it has definite advantages over regular or close corporations with closely held stock.

limited liability companies

International estate & tax planning for United States citizens - outbound investments

ICA provides professional consultancy in the area of international tax and estate planning for outbound investment by United States taxpayers. This form of planning encompasses any type of investments offshore by either United States individuals or businesses, whether that investment is active trading, exporting, passive investments, the establishment of foreign branches or subsidiaries, or buying and selling foreign property.

ICA, in conjunction with experienced in-house legal counsel who have practiced for many years in advising United States Citizens on the advantages and benefits of offshore estate and international tax planning techniques are available for consultation with our clients be they personal or corporate- who are interested in establishing asset protection trusts or the establishment of an offshore company for international trade or investment purposes, offshore captive insurance companies or offshore banks.

ICA recognizes that the rules, reporting requirements and regulations of the Internal Revenue Code are very detailed and indeed complex, and we do not recommend that a client proceed with this kind of planning on his/her own or on advice of general practice professionals as estate and tax planning is usually successfully structured by competent professionals with years of experience in this area.

Foreign inward investment structuring into united state-inbound investments

ICA's inward investment team encompasses expertise in a wide variety of tax planning areas for foreign persons conducting business in the United States where foreign persons can take on various legal entities.

ICA has extensive experience in this area of practice and invites you to contact us for an initial opinion without charge or commitment prior to entering into a potential acquisition in the USA. We agree all our fees prior to the acceptance of any assignment.


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