Asset Protection Planning, Offshore Companies, Offshore Banking, Offshore Trusts and Offshore Private Foundations, International Corporate Advisors, LLC is your reliable provider of these offshore structures. We are one of the world's largest independent associations of incorporators and administrators in both Common and Civil Law jurisdictions.

We do not just incorporate a company, we provide you with a one-stop shop by also opening and operating bank accounts, providing trading and commercial services and generally giving substance to your day-to-day operations. Contact us, especially if you are involved with international trade or investments or if you are seeking tax management protection solutions.

Our objective is to assist you, the small or medium-sized company owner, entrepreneur, private investor, or individual with high exposure to liability, such as physicians or high-net worth individuals to help you protect your assets. We will help you learn about the offshore alternative and satisfy your demand for corporate and trust structures designed to protect your assets, in some cases minimize taxation and facilitate your international business.

Contact us today! No commitment required until you are ready to proceed with your structure.


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